For once i agree with him…even though he looks like a thumb with eyebrows

For once i agree with him…even though he looks like a thumb with eyebrows

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i’m always considered the girl with the perfect life.

i’m an honor roll student, i dance, i volunteer, i get along with lots of people.

but little do people know, every night i come home & sit here trying to convince my dad not to drink.

he’s been an alcoholic since long before i was born but…

wow, puts everything in perspective. thank you! i hope your dad gets better!

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Being sober sucks. been sober 2 months.

at first it was a nightmare. mainly because when i would feel down. i would drink

Now i found new ways to cheer myself up.

still sucks. although now i know i dont NEED alcohol.

i know im going to drink on new years doe. gonna be in texas for my best friends wedding.

i wonder tho. do you lose your tolerance when you stop drinking for so long?

I wonder how Frank Sinatra felt when he was forced to be sober. Probably like i do now

oh yeah, sometimes i can taste alcohol, even though im drinking water etc. odd huh?


been analyzing popular tumblrs. wondering what they do to game over 300+ followers?

hmm. so far…i guess you gotta be a hot girl.


im a fat kid at heart. might eat now at 1am. isn’t it bad to do that?

ah well

yeah, i do love bhangra. and this song is a classic





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I wish i had a girlfriend. then i remember, I’m broke and i work a minimum wage job. i don’t think anyone wants to meet a guy that looks like Ryan Gosling but is cheap like George Costanza